Blue Hippopotamus

All For You

by Blue Hippopotamus

Released 10/31/2015
Released 10/31/2015
Our New Full Length CD!
Produced by Marco Delmar, Recording Arts, Fairfax, VA
Mastered by Bill Wolf, Wolf Productions, Arlington, VA

1. Today Is A New Day: Caitlin Jaene Mercer - vocals & bass,
Chris Mercer - guitars & moog, John L. Langsford III - drums, 
Recorded & mixed at Recording Arts, Engineered by Marco Delmar.
Featured as the theme song for Cindy Eyler’s new Video eCourse,
“Manifesting Breakthroughs Level 2: Self-Mastery & Manifesting”!

2. Run Away With You (2015 remix):  Caitlin Mercer - …
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Ring Around The Rosie

Fun creepy recording made for and submitted to American Horror Story season 2

Vol 1.

by Blue Hippopotamus

Early Blue Hippopotamus CD
Caitlin (Parsons) Mercer - Vocals & Upright Bass
Chris Mercer - Guitars
Rob Durham - Drums