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Great music!
Saw the band at Our Friend, Our Fight Concert for Kathy at The Note in West Chester Sunday. Blue Hippopotamus ROCK!!! I've posted pics of the event on facebook. Quite a few of you. Please check them out. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.342192342464642.101892.100000216365584&type=1&l=6b2ecd509a
Every time you guys release a project I play it more and more. I love these tracks and have been sharing it with the people in my office. Rock it out! By the way, your guitarist is cute ;-)
More Gigs!!!
cool stuff! See ya at world cafe
great playing with you and Ritual at the North Star tonight. The cd is fan-flippin'-tastic. Need to take this stuff on the road. If you uys can't make a go of it, then I have lost all faith in people's sound judgements.
Wow, I really love the new EP. Didn't think you could improve upon last year's, but I am convinced that Blue Hippopotamus is going all the way. Thanks, Caitlin, you are the bestest.
Hey, I saw you guys at The Fire last night and I generally do not stray out of my music type box, but I really liked you guys, your voice was amazing and so real. Your cd was good too, but your voice live was unbelievable! =]
Big up to Blue hippopatomus!!! The EP is excellent!!! Told you you would be famous and I wouldnt even be able to talk to you !!! Thats what I'm talkin about!!! Ours....Watchout Nyah!! My book finally came out its on Authorhouse and Amazon.com "We All Came From Borderlands" by LaClaire Mitchell Nzerem Your vocalist is beautiful....the vocals is incredible!!!!! keep puttin em out there, I mo keep buyin!!! yr sis. Claire nzee zee for sheezy!!!!!
Keep working ,great job!
congrats on the EP release
Let me know the next time that you are coming to B-town and I will cheer you on. Miss you Caitlin! Cheers! Elizabeth
You need to do shows in HOLLYWOOD!!!!! =) Hope to see you soon Caitlin.
I hope to see and work with you soon!!! Beautiful seductive music!!
coming to Florida any time soon. It's nice and warm this time of year!!!
Hey, saw you open for Jimmy at Maxwells. Great stuff, great show. Please check out my music. We would love to do a show with you, even acoustic. Best, Ronnie
I just saw the live clip of "Caravan" -phenomenal!!! Where/how can I get a cd of the band's music, and that song?
You guys coming to Buffalo any time soon?
LOVE THE MUSIC...Tattoo is so sexxy.
Awesome ! Singer squeeze my soul .Unfortunate I live in Japan ,I hope to see show someday .Keep playing !
luv the website and am so looking forward to seeing you live.....too bad you didn't open for Ours Toronto, although seeing Clancy was a treat =) peace, love & hugs... joey & mary
I saw you at the Paradise Lounge in Boston tonight and was extremely impressed, and it was such a pleasure to get to meet you both if only very briefly. The only complaint I could find with the set was its length; I would have loved to hear more. If you ever need help spreading the word about upcoming shows in the Boston area, I'd love to help out in any way possible. Can't wait to hear more of your work!
i SaW You ToNiGHT..YoU WeRe aMaZiNG..THaNK You...,aCTuaLLY NiCe To MeeT YoU..
Saw you open for OURS Saturdat Night in Chicago, you guys have a great sound...looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. Thanks for the great show!
Seen you guys open for Ours last night, thought you guys were amazing. Loved everything about your music. I can't wait to hear more from you guys.
WOW!!!! last nite.s show at schubas was amazing you two!!! you have a great thing going on here and i will definitely buy the album!!! i also thought that was kinda cool when you both went on stage to jam with OURS. my buddy and i drove all the way from indianapolis to see the show...do you think you guys are gonna be stopping by there this year or whenever?
Keep up the great work!
Hey there...
Hey, I saw you at Cool Beans on the 10th with Jimmy, and didn't get a chance to tell you your set was amazing.. I was talking to you for a moment in Maxwell's as well (I was the annoying dude who had Jimmy call my friend... :o/) Anyway, I love the music, I was telling my professor about you guys today. I'd certainly get any sort of recording you can manage to get made. Hope you have a good day! Darren preaching_solace@yahoo.com
Hey, when are you guys doing another show in Jersey?
hey caitlin i'm guillaume, whenever you see my entry thanks to email me, i am a nineteen years old poet, good afternoon to you xxxxxxxx guillaume bertrand drakebelldouble@hotmail.com
Greetings. I saw you perform at The Showplace Theatre in Buffalo and I was stunned. The music is incredible. It would have been nice to see Locke perform with you but it was great all the same. Caitlin, your voice is amazing and strikingly seductive. I was inspired by the magic marker inscription on your palms. That, followed by Ours performing "Lost," I truly wonder, where is the love? Great job. I hope to see you perform in the future. Take care.
Loved the Buffalo show, you have a great sound! You really need to get a CD out :D
hey there, saw the show with ours, very impressive. i popped a link to the site on my companies blog (spreeblog.com) as i spew that there is good entertainment in buffalo, maybe it will get some to check your site out and ask for updates. can't wait to hear a cd.
I saw your band open for Ours in Buffalo.I really enjoyed the music,great playing ,great vocals. Best of luck getting a cd out.
I just saw you guys with Ours and A Wish For Fire here in Boston at Harper's Ferry. I was very impressed and love your sound. I'd pick up any sort of CD I could get my hands on and would love to see you guys back this way again. I was the guy with the blue and orange hair. Keep up the great shows! P.S. Your violinist was very cute.
saw you at North Star the other day opening for Ours, you guys were awesome! loved the upright bass and violin.
I heard you were awesome at cool beans, but unfortunately i missed it tho im a big fan of je t'aime parce que je parle francais
Hey Guys, What a great show at Cool Beans, I really enjoyed it. I would really love to have more songs than the current availabilty on Myspace, I will check the site soon. Great Show!!
great show at coolbeans, where can i get more songs other than the ones on myspaces
Hi Need more pictures of you on here. Hope your doing well
Enjoyed the show in Paddy Reillys on Saturday. Great voice!
Hi Caitlin! Glad to see you are doing well. Any new CD's lately? I'd love to send you our new MHC Jazz CD if you tell me where to snailmail it. Drop me a line when you have a chance- ok? :)
Hey Caitlin! It's Matt your drummer at least that is what my drum sticks say on them :=) Happy birthday!!!! I am moving on my birthday to a new house. give me a call on my cell 202 716 7113. The last time i heard you sing was on my birthday 3 years ago.
Caitlin, Let me know when you're going to be up our way again. Jess and I would love to come and see you. We should catch up. Also want to hear your new stuff. Do you have any audio clips online?
Hey Caitlin, Zuzana emailed me your website. Its been a long time since our days at MHC and the riding team. I would love to hear from you and see you play sometime.
Hey C, Great to hear from you. I will write you an email soon, but i just wanted to say a quick hello. Great news about opening for ours!! talk to you later! be good demianarriaga.com
I have seen you 4 times with Jimmy and I think you are not only gorgeous but your voice is so sexy. I can't get "I''ll hold you up" out of my head. When will you have an LP? Have fun in Boston tonite, give Locke and Jimmy a hug for me! Heather
wow, incredible show last night at Sin-E! We were all very impressed and moved, take care, thank you, and good luck! :-)
hey caitlin...when are ou going to get some cd's of your live shows to give out?? I NEED ONE!
Wow opening for Ours, you sure have come a long way since I saw u at Grog and Tankard in Washington, DC. Too bad I cant see u any more Caitlin. Take Care
Hi Caitlin, Nice site! Love Emma
Great new site, hope you get back to the midwest some day.
Hey Caitlin! This is Sophie, Kristina's friend. Just dropping you a line to say you rocked at the CNote last week, I like your site, keep it up, and tour Vancouver. :)
hey.....member me? battle of the bands 2001? co-wrote words of admiration (sorta). hit me up on the celly 301-943-5139.
Hi Caitlin, I really did check out the website. Nice music...you have a lot of fans already! Will forward this to my daughter at Drexel. It was nice to meet you at Alex and Donna's. Glad you caught the lady bug. This must mean good luck for you! All the best, Bonnie
going through old pics and found one of you...thought i'd see how everything is going. hope all is well! hit me up sometime
Perhaps you remember me. I wrote a little article on you for the MHC News back in...2001? I had the biggest crush on you then - maybe you knew that. I'd like to know if you might be playing in Boston anytime, since I live there now. Glad your music career is still going strong. :)
hey i think im gay
hey caity
hey caitlin i remixed one of your songs, i dont know what one. my little brother a long time ago decided that it would be cool to give your cd away to a friend of his, so i'm not sure of the names of the tracks but i'm wondering if you'll recognize the source: http://townofnewhaven.org/2005/july/selection/instruction%20manual.mp3 jack kerouac's actual voice is reciting his poetry. the rest of the drum sequencing, synth, placement of samples as well as the piano comp is all courtesy of yours truly. i hope that you think it's alright. tell me what ya think. atom smasher
Song is realistic and easy. Pure itself! You let me realize what is music!!
Dude, where you just in cali? I dont believe how you could have and not called me. I am excited about the update though and the new music. Much love A.
Wow, Caitlin! I am totally blown away by this album! What a range! I am looking forward to your next album. Rock on, CJ!
Hi Caitlin, we met at the C-note about a month ago at an open mike. I don't know if you remember me, but you said to let you know when I'd be performing again. I'm playing as a feature act at an open mike tomarrow at Nightingales-06/1/05. it's on the corner of 13th street 213 2nd ave. There is an 8pm sign up if your interested in playing as well. I think the women who runs it will like your material.
hey Caitlin, your Cd is still one of my favorites. I hope I catch ya next time you're in town. drop me a line
Caitlin! How are you doing? Are you still in NY? That picture you drew when you were little kills me! It's adorable. Hope that you're doing well. Much love! Drop me a line when you get the chance.
Yo, it's Josh from C-Note. Thought I'd check out the site to find your e-mail but this will do! I'm totally not gonna make it to Satellite tonight cuz I've got too much sh*t to do but I'm gonna try and check 'em out next tuesday. Let me know if it's worth it or not! See ya 'round
Hey how are you? I met you at jimmy gnecco's acoustic show at the knitting factory in hollywood on dec 29th. I heard your music you have a great voice,I wish you the best of luck. email me sometime
hey i rember u used 2 live across from us on grace cherch rd MD. by the way lov ur music
I found your site while looking for people with same name as me. It's quite nice. Kind regards
New York misses you!
love your songs,and you.if you're ever in jersey..... jesse.
way to go caitlin keep on truckin
hello.sent an email a while back... thought I try to reach you through here. Good luck with everything, keep writing that rich, incredibly inspiring and gorgeous music. Be well demian
Hey I saw you last night at Apocalypses. You are very good and very pretty as well. Looking forward to hear from you again. Thanks for a lovely evening. Mara
Caitlin, I miss you down here in Washington, DC area, please make a return trip. The WVRS wants you to come back for another ride along. Your Bud, Jeff
Hey! Just checking out your site! When you're famous one day, don't forget your vet LOL
Hey there! I bought your Million for 10 CD, and your smooth voice is rocking out on my cd player more often than not. Beautiful!
Hey there! I bought your Million for 10 CD, and your smooth voice is rocking out on my cd player more often than not. Beautiful!
Hey there, stranger. Have moved to the Silver Spring area if you're ever interested in grabbing a coffee and having a gab.
July 704 hey great music. I saw u gay pride and u took a picture of me and my friend and gave us your card to email u.
Yay! A new gig added for June. I gotta come see you sing. I guess I'll have to buy a CD so my fat cats can hear you too.
Hey Caitlin, what's doin'? How goes it? If you remember, I met you at the Morrissey gig, last show. What are you up to?
Hey- are you performing in the DC area any time soon? I've relocated... I still listen to your cds all the time!
Hi! I just picked up your CD from cdbaby.com and I love it. Do you ever get to perform out west?
i'm a friend of katherine's. i have your cd and i like the stuff that you did up in boston. i'm also a dropout of fonzo's college (purchase). which is awesome. i currently reside in new haven hanging out at these yale parties with all these naked people. its a weird scene but my ambition is to be more than just a rap musician. stereophoniqkhz.us hope you get this message.
long time, girlfriend, long time. looks like success has found you. congrats, although i do not know the details. you know my number, gimme a call some time.
dude! you are opening for jimmy! amazing how fast things change in one year. and for those newbies not in the know, a general statement: caitlin is an amazing and obviously multi-talented person. henceforth you will buy all her c.d.s and recommit yourself to supporting true musicians. word.
beautiful performance opening for jimmy at the magic bag in ferndale. thank you.
hey caitlin, i was at schuba's last night to see jimmy. I had no clue you were opening for him. I think your an amazing singer and I loved that you played "Drive". i felt like me and my friend were the only people who knew it :) hope to see you in Chicago again soon.
Hello Caitlin, although I was the stranger sharing a cramped corner and my altoids next to the stage with You, Lock, Vincent, and Race, at Schubas in Chicago last night, I never actually got to introduce myself. Now, just over 12 hours later I am back home, 150 miles from last night and on your website finally saying hello.
Hi Caitlin..I was at the Rave the other night when you opened up for Jimmy Gnecco..When you started to sing I just thought to myself wow she has a amazing voice and you did. I really liked all of your songs specially the one you wrote for Jimmy that actually brought tears to my eyes. Hope to hear from you again.
Was at The Eagles Club/The Rave last night. Found your voice to be amazing! Will hope to hear more from you in the near future!!! Nags
I saw you last evening at the Quest Club in Minneapolis, MN, and you were so amazing. Your voice is very beautiful.
I saw you last night at the Quest Club in Minneapolis and I was very impressed. I bought the 2 song CD that you were selling and I am going to get the Million to Ten CD. I just wanted to drop you line and tell you how much I enjoyed seeing you play.
Hi, Caitlin, I am Brei-ann and I met you in minneapolis at The Quest. I am the hair stylist who wants to be a singer just like you. I love your website I think that it's creative and beautiful. I hope that everything keeps going great for you. I have started turning some of my poems into songs and I took your advice. Which was to find the chords that I like and put my words to it. You have inspired me, I have made only one song so far and that was to my motherfor her birthday. But all the other ones are my work in progress. Micheal is going to school for film production so he said that he would make my cd for me, like he did for my mom's song. One day I will be in your shoes. Thanks for being insirational to me. i hope to hear from you. Thanks, Brei-ann
Glad to see you are doing well> One of these days I will hopefully be able to come see and hear you perform
Come play in California!!!
Hey Caitlin, Congrats on the tour, as you know I am a big Ours fan. I am sending my friends to see you in Chicago. Have fun.
hi, i havent seen u in a long time and wanted to say hi. just to let u no its ur cousin emily , u no scotts daughter.so i hope u write back then we can talk bec i havent talked to u in a long time, u no emily harrold
What a hottie I find on the internet, I am looking forward to seeing you on tv one day out of the blue. Love you
It looks wonderful--glad you have a site again so I can keep track of you 8-}. I look forward to seeing the calendar filling up!
Hi Caitlin!! Miss you and hope all is well!! Love, Lauren PS my friend just went out and bought your cd...needless to say he is in love iwth you :-)