Blue Hippopotamus

Blue Hippopotamus is a three piece alternative rock band that began in 2005 playing small clubs in NYC. Now a Philly based band, they have traveled far playing clubs in LA, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Buffalo and North Carolina. 

Their sound is sultry and uplifting with a mix of songs that will make you want to dance and chill you out in a sexy way. Their sound has been described as Portishead meets The Police with a little Sigur Ros. 

The band members of Blue Hippo are husband and wife, Chris and Caitlin Mercer who were band mates first, then they ran off to Vegas and married in 2008! Caitlin provides the smooth vocals and solid bass (electric and upright), Chris fills the middle with an orchestra of sound on guitar, and the strong exciting beats on drums are played live by either of their friends John Mousseau or Rich Breazzano. Sometimes other artists join them live as well including their friend, Charles Sarti. Caitlin and Chris are vegan, share a love for animals and often play rescue and veg events. More info can be found on the B Hipp to Animals page of their website.

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